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Jack Fertig has been in the fields of education and athletics for nearly four decades and has lived in nine different states.  He is a keen observer of people. He's worked for numerous bosses, he's worked with a greater number of colleagues and he's always has been intrigued with anyone he's ever met or seen, be they leaders, followers, friends or even the more unsavory type of individual.  He's a firm believer in Mark Twain's line...
"I never met a person I couldn't learn from."

In addition, Jack has read and listened to literally hundreds of books on such subjects as leadership, motivation & self-improvement (as Abraham Lincoln said, "I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday") and has taken the time to summarize most of them (see the section "Jack's Notes").  He's compiled files of quotes, vignettes and stories - some motivational, some thought provoking, some humorous - and melds them together into a customized presentation.  No two speeches are ever the same.  Although there is a nominal fee involved, Jack loves presenting to organizations, companies, teams and groups in an effort to make a positive difference.  The quotes are put on the back of his business cards and "flipped" to the members of the audience, many of whom choose to place them on their computers, mirrors, refrigerators or night stands.  It's different and, what's better, it's effective.  After all, as speaker and radio personality, Les Brown preaches, "All people are born unique, but most die as copies because they go through life doing what everybody else is doing, due to laziness, fear or lack of vision."
Cavett Robert, the founder of the National Speakers Association, once said something to the effect that it was easier to find different audiences than it was to make different speeches.  Cavett Robert was a GIANT in the field of speaking, but on this point, there's room for debate.  What separates Jack from other speakers is that he's not speaking for a living.  He's simply doing something he loves and something from which your group will greatly benefit.  That's the ultimate win-win.  Jack is simply following the advice of his late mentor, John Savage, who remarked, "We were put on this earth to serve, not be served."   

We all have our own reasons for what we do and now you know Jack's - a passion for public speaking and an equal enthusiasm for helping others using that passion.  He's fresh, inspiring, and has the knack of being able to entertain people while educating them.  The late NSA member and exceptional speaker, Art Berg, once said, "Most of my audiences won't remember what I said six months from the time I speak.  But, they'll remember how they felt.  Emotion is the foundation for motivation." 

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After you've heard him speak, you'll completely understand.  And you can quote him on that.

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